Payroll and HR Solutions

In Depth Interview Process

Every applicant goes through an extensive behavioral interview process. This rigorous process provides insight into the candidate’s experience level, skill level, past work performance and character. OneSource believes that past behavior predicts future performance. An applicant’s overall work performance, initiative, attitude and interaction with others is assessed. Dates of employment, job title, and eligibility for rehire are also verified. All applicants are tested prior to being sent on any assignments.

For Light Industrial placements, we use the Purdue Pegboard to gauge manual dexterity and assembly skills. In addition, OneSource uses a 4-part written light industrial evaluation to determine skill levels in problem solving, basic math and measurement abilities. This evaluation, along with our comprehensive application, reference checking and thorough interview gives us the information necessary to place light industrial associates in positions where they are more likely to succeed.For Office Support placements, OneSource utilizes comprehensive automated testing programs to gauge skill levels in word processing, spreadsheet, typing, data entry, customer service and general clerical aptitude. On average a clerical applicant spends 1-1/2 to 2 hours in our office completing our application, 2-page written clerical evaluation, software testing and personal interview.

This comprehensive process allows us to gain detailed knowledge of applicants work experience, ability and attitude. OneSource believes this additional time spent is paramount to successful candidate placement.



Employee and Applicant Drug Screening

OneSource has a substance Abuse and Drug Free Workplace policy for permanent and temporary associates. All associates are subject to random drug testing, and any associate injured while in our employment is screened for illegal drugs or alcohol if probable cause exists. OneSource can also perform pre-employment drug screening according to our clients’ requirements.



On-Site Employee Management

OneSource can provide a staffing manager or a working lead person who can be on-site during shifts to monitor the temporary workers. The person would track attendance, monitor productivity, and handle any matters that arise, which ensures reduced turnover and that the required number of associates are present for each shift. OneSource can also install hand-scanning time-tracking technology that accurately tracks the employee’s time spent at work to the minute and prevents any false punches.



Quality Control Programs

OneSource tracks the progress of each field employee as well as itself. Arrival and performance checks are made with supervisors at regular intervals and final evaluations are documented.