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​Administrative HR tasks like understanding the latest policies and developing procedures and guidance documents can be time-consuming and tedious. At OneSource HR Solutions, our goal is to help you save time and money. We can do that by providing ready-to-use customizable documents and other HR resources that help you work smarter, not harder.

We hope you find these resources helpful! Check back often for updates.

Getting Started with Payroll – A Checklist

Payroll processing can be tedious if you’re not sure how to start. We compiled a simple checklist to follow if you’re interested in processing payroll for your business. Make sure you practice thorough record-keeping throughout the process in case you need to correct an error or settle a dispute.

Overview of the American Rescue Plan

The $1.9 trillion relief bill, known as the American Rescue Plan, has been signed into law by President Joe Biden. Highlights of the bill include extended unemployment benefits, direct checks to individuals and more. This article outlines the most relevant provisions included in the bill.

HR Compliance Bulletin

President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) into law on March 11, 2021. Along with providing financial relief for individuals, state and local governments, schools, businesses and for other purposes, the law contains the following measures of special interest to employers and their employees.

HR Forms

Payroll Direct Deposit Form

The secure direct deposit change form, attached here, can be downloaded from our website.  Please delete/destroy any other versions you may have.  Any other form other than the one attached here will NOT be processed. This form, along with a copy of a voided check that has “void” handwritten on the check, must be submitted to us directly.

2024 W-4 Form 

The W-4 form is your key to managing tax withholding on your paycheck. Knowing how to fill it out accurately helps ensure you get the right amount withheld throughout the year. Avoid surprises at tax time – learn more about the W-4 and take control of your tax situation!

2024 I-9 Form 

The I-9 form is a crucial step in onboarding new employees in the United States. It verifies their identity and work authorization. We’re here to help! Learn more about the I-9 process and ensure you’re in compliance.

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